Thursday, 18 February 2010

Is Love a Science?

I did it....I told Eleanor that this relationship is not promising and to have a think about the whole circumstances...She didn't reply in any way...Am I doing the right thing here? Was she crying? Or is she still crying now? I don't know!!! I don't even know what she is thinking or has she read the message? This is the whole communication wall right in front of me, I cannot see or hear anything.... I am scared. I wish I am a Jumper, space travel will make life so much easier...

My mind is full of questions about love after that... What is love? Is love a science? If it is, I must be rather bad at it. Imagine, physics, biology, chemistry and LOVE. It doesn't sound right, does it? OR em.... in love, we have love engineering, medical love, etc... Love engineering? Since when we can manipulate love? 

I had a look on a dictionary definition of science:

science |ˈsīəns|


the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

Is love an intellectual and practical activity?

-Intellectual? Yes. It relates to us which hopefully all are intellect.

-Practical? Obviously. We are practicing it throughout our lives.

-Activity? Well, this is a questionable point, love is always interpreted as a feeling rather than an activity (We are talking real love here...), but Scott Peck, a renowned psychologist in the field of applied psychology mentioned that love is a combination of the "concern for the spiritual growth of another" and simple narcissism. Therefore, love is an activity rather than just a simple feeling.

Does love encompass a systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment?

Definitely not!! It is not a study of the natural world, it is only a study of interpersonal relationship at most. The major reason lies in the very last of the statement — through observation and experiment. Observation is utterly possible, in fact, we are always observing, e.g. your friends' relationship, your parents' relationship and chiefly all sort of relationships in those romantic films. However, experimenting a relationship is out of the question, not matter how augmented and exaggerated those romantic films are, they do at least get a point for manifesting how unpredictable relationships are. There are just way too many variation in one's interpretation on love started form one's birth, and that is why LOVE IS NOT A SCIENCE.

Nevertheless, what is the science of love?

Biologically, love is interpreted as a mammalian drive, like hunger or thirst, and it is divided into 3 partly overlapping stages: Lust, Attraction, Attachment. The first two stages are temporary and consist of sexual desire and romantic desire respectively. These two stages would only last for at most 3-4 years altogether, and the most precious long-term commitment is all counted on the third stage which promotes the relationship lasting for decades. The feelings of being in love in all stages are all due to various secretions of chemicals and hormones. I personally don't believe in these biological observations, I don't think love is that simple, it should be more than chemicals and hormones, or artificial love could possibly be feasible. That would be really freaky...

Final thoughts:

If love were a science and it were as complicated as it seems, then scientists (or lovist) would very likely develop tons of formulae of love. Then, love would no longer be love, it would be just a bunch of cold sciences.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Imagination and the Microscopic Artificial Legs

My imagination always falls off the reality...but somehow sciences act like a bridge, linked them together as if the reality is extended. 

By way of illustration, one of my colleague thinker and I have come up with a fabulous, but ridiculous idea, which can solve the energy crisis and global warming in one go — the photosynthetic hat! Basically, you have a hat in green, and you can charge it up by exposing it under sunlight, like a plant, and as it is charging, it will start taking in carbon dioxide, giving out oxygen and a bud will swell up on the top of the hat. (If you imagine that, It actually looks rather silly.) At night, you get back home from work, take off your hat and discharge it by attaching it on a device which is connected to a central mass collecting system. Here comes the most ridiculous part... the mass collecting system stores all the starch underneath the power station, not a normal one, instead of using steam to turn the turbine, we use microscopic artificial legs. Imagine having 1000 legs on each blade of the turbine and those legs are modified to 100x more efficient than the human ones. Some may ask what do they feed on? And this is where the starch comes in. 

The MAL (microscopic artificial legs) power is 100% pollution free and both world problems can be solved and this is absolutely 100% insane!!!

So, there is the concept. Don't ask me why is it a hat rather than an umbrella or bricks, that is just our first thought. Here is how sciences tie this in with reality. As some of you may have noticed, the function of the hat is the same as a plant except: 

-No respiration is involved, so the absorption of carbon dioxide is maximized. 

-All carbohydrate fixed is used for storage rather than growth.

-Water is directly absorbed from the air moisture OR from an external source.

Therefore, the key point is ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS. An inorganic machine/substance that fix carbon dioxide into complex organic molecule, as I have researched online, scientists have been working on that for years, but unfortunately we are still waiting for a breakthrough.

Let's talk abut the second part of the concept — the MAL. Is that even possible?? Let's just analyze a bit more...



-with 1 or 2 joints

-powered by glucose

-produced from the breaking down of starch (end-product of the hat)

-high-speed "running"

-anaerobic respiration only (minimized the oxygen uptake)

-rapid removal system of ethanol (alcoholic fermentation)


-electricity generated by the "running"

-ethanol as a fuel


To produce the MAL, cost is incredibly high. Not saying it is impossible, but such project will take ages, hopefully in my life span...Basically, this is a fail!!!

Alternative solution? There are always alternative solutions. Why don't we just take away the creepy MAL idea and put something feasible in? It is not that hard, we can simply use the starch that collected and put them with loads of yeast, alcoholic fermentation, and BOOM!! Clean ethanol fuel produced. Then the only problem we have to overcome is the ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS. To improve a bit more, photosynthetic bricks should be made and mass absorption sites should be built on somewhere like a desert.

Enough for crazy talking, bear with me for this one last bit. Don't leave your imagination behind, it is a gift for all of us, it is the mother of all technologies.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Think Deeper...

Am I biased?? Are those thoughts appearing from my appeal to Faye?? Am I a cheat again?? Or did I think too much?

There is always a common fault in my thinking process, I assume a lot, maybe too much, and because of that I missed out plenty of fundamental knowledges. Look around you... Does everything look normal and usual to you? If you are sitting on a chair, how do you know you won't slip down? How do you know the chair won't penetrate the ground straight to the Earth's core? Why are you even on the chair? Think deeper.... How do you know what you see is real? How can to you see? Think deeper.... You hear that clock ticking? What is time? Why do you need time? What will the world be like if there were no interpretation of time? Think deeper.... For those physicists, why is the world bounded by speed of light? Why there is nothing exceeds roughly 300000000 metres per second? Light is interpreted because of our sight, and then we found out whole spectrum based on the assumption that there is nothing beyond light. What if we were not homo sapiens, we are some sort of alien (According to the homo sapiens' definition) and we are blind (According to the homo sapiens' definition), maybe we will then discover something else rather than light (According to the homo sapiens' definition). Let's come back to the real Homo sapiens' world, if Einstein's relativity is right and there is something beyond the speed of light, the "something" will be time travelling due to the time dilation. So, even if we have created the "something", we can hardly detect it. 

Think deeper... Observe your surroundings, widen your sight. The world is so much more interesting than you think, so stop complaining about your life!!! Ironically, that is what I just did in my last entry. Enough for straying away, all I want to say is maybe I missed out the fact that maybe Faye doesn't really like me that much, it is just all in my imagination...

Monday, 15 February 2010

Relationship Conundrum

Should I break up with Eleanor?? That is a 2-year solid relationship, is it really worth to risk that for Faye?? I shouldn't put it this way, time has nothing to due with a relationship, the question should be do I still love her?? For a fact that I know deep in my heart I like Faye very much, not just as a friend, and I realised she would have liked me too if I am not her best friend...

I still love Eleanor.....I think. The problem is I can hardly see her during the year, 1 or 2 times a year... How can I keep the love up?? Now she is going to Australia, a 10-hour time difference from here!! Internet has been a rather convenient channel for us to communicate, but she don't really online that much. Wait a minute, we haven't actually talk over the internet since I came back from Christmas... Now Australia, I really don't think it is going to work.... The downside is we both have been doing very hard in this relationship, especially her. I really don't want to break her heart, she has been through this once with me, I really don't want to do it again, it is just not fair to her. Why? Why do I have to go through these? I hate being an arsehole. I want to love her, but in these circumstances, it is just impossible!! I couldn't force myself into a safe and wait for 4 years and say I have not change in any sense, so as she I assumed. Nor I could wait for her proposal of separating after she fall for another laddie. Should I still be a nice guy and linger on the relationship for at most 4 years?? I love her but the obstacles in between erode my love and emerge my doubts. I couldn't do this anymore...


This is probably my first entry of my life. The reason I started writing a diary/journal is mostly because of thoughts that keep wandering around my head, although most of them are quite lame and useless, but occasionally there are a couple that may benefit me in the future, so why not writing (typing) them down??

That is absolutely rubbish!! Why do I even need to lie to myself when I am writing a personal diary... Silly me. Well... the reasoning above is partially honest, but the actual reason behind is the complicated relationship that I am in right now, I just need a channel to relief myself from those feelings and some said by writing down one's feelings, one would feel better, so why not give it a try??

I wondered what perspective should be used in a diary, obviously I have not written one before. Should it be narrative? or a first- person view? Although I have apparently chosen being a crazy, talking to myself.